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Tracking Stocks

Tracking Stocks
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2015
Tracking Stock [Abstract]  
Tracking Stocks

(2)   Tracking Stocks

A tracking stock is a type of common stock that the issuing company intends to reflect or "track" the economic performance of a particular business or "group," rather than the economic performance of the company as a whole. Liberty has two tracking stocks—QVC Group common stock and Liberty Ventures common stock, which are intended to track and reflect the economic performance of the QVC Group and the Ventures Group, respectively.

While the QVC Group and the Ventures Group have separate collections of businesses, assets and liabilities attributed to them, no group is a separate legal entity and therefore cannot own assets, issue securities or enter into legally binding agreements. Holders of tracking stock have no direct claim to the group's stock or assets and are not represented by separate boards of directors. Instead, holders of tracking stock are stockholders of the parent corporation, with a single board of directors and subject to all of the risks and liabilities of the parent corporation.

On October 3, 2014, Liberty announced that its board of directors approved the change in attribution from the QVC Group (referred to as the “Interactive Group” prior to the reattribution) to the Ventures Group of certain of its Digital Commerce companies (defined below) and cash, which was provided by QVC, Inc. (“QVC”) as a result of a draw-down of QVC’s credit facility. In return, holders of Liberty Interactive common stock received a dividend of approximately 67.7 million shares of Liberty Ventures common stock, or 0.14217 of a Liberty Ventures share for each share of Liberty Interactive common stock outstanding on October 13, 2014, the record date of the dividend. The distribution date for the dividend was October 20, 2014, and the Liberty Interactive common stock began trading ex-dividend on October 15, 2014. The reattributed Digital Commerce companies were comprised of Liberty’s consolidated subsidiaries Backcountry.com (“Backcountry”), Bodybuilding.com, LLC, Provide Commerce, Inc. (“Provide”), CommerceHub, Evite, Inc. and LMC Right Start, Inc. (collectively, the “Digital Commerce” companies). The reattribution of the Digital Commerce companies is presented on a prospective basis from the date of the reattribution in Liberty’s condensed consolidated financial statements and attributed financial information, with October 1, 2014 used as a proxy for the date of the reattribution. In connection with the reattribution, the Liberty Interactive tracking stock trading symbol “LINTA” was changed to "QVCA" and the "LINTB" trading symbol was changed to "QVCB," effective October 7, 2014. Other than the issuance of Liberty Ventures shares in the fourth quarter of 2014, the reattribution of tracking stock groups had no consolidated impact on Liberty. Effective June 4, 2015, the name of the “Liberty Interactive common stock” was changed to the “QVC Group common stock.”  

The term "QVC Group" does not represent a separate legal entity, rather it represents those businesses, assets and liabilities that have been attributed to that group. Following the reattribution, the QVC Group is primarily comprised of our merchandise-focused televised-shopping programs, Internet and mobile application businesses and has attributed to it our wholly-owned subsidiary QVC and our approximate 38% interest in HSN, Inc., along with cash and certain liabilities that reside with QVC as well as certain liabilities related to our corporate indebtedness (see note 10) and certain deferred tax liabilities. As of June 30, 2015, the QVC Group has cash and cash equivalents of approximately $497 million, which includes subsidiary cash.  

The term "Ventures Group" does not represent a separate legal entity, rather it represents those businesses, assets and liabilities that have been attributed to that group. Following the reattribution, the Ventures Group is primarily comprised of our Digital Commerce businesses (see note 3 for discussion of disposed businesses) and interests in Expedia, Inc., FTD Companies, Inc. (“FTD”), Interval Leisure Group, Inc. and LendingTree, Inc., available-for-sale securities in Time Warner Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc., as well as cash and cash equivalents of approximately $2,092 million at June 30, 2015. The Ventures Group also has attributed to it certain liabilities related to our Exchangeable Debentures (see note 10) and certain deferred tax liabilities. The Ventures Group is primarily focused on the maximization of the value of these investments and investing in new business opportunities. 

In May 2015, Liberty announced its entry into an agreement with Liberty Broadband Corporation ("Liberty Broadband"),  a separate publicly traded company, whereby Liberty will invest $2.4 billion in Liberty Broadband in connection with (and contingent upon) the closing of the proposed merger of Charter Communications, Inc. ("Charter") and Time Warner Cable Inc. ("TWC"). The proceeds of this investment will be used by Liberty Broadband to fund, in part, its agreement to acquire $4.3 billion of Charter stock. Liberty Broadband's acquisition will be made in support of (and contingent upon) the closing of the Charter-TWC merger. In connection with these transactions, it is expected that Charter will undergo a corporate reorganization, resulting in New Charter, a current subsidiary of Charter,  becoming the publicly traded parent company. Liberty's investment in Liberty Broadband will be funded using cash and short term investments and will be attributed to the Ventures Group.

Liberty, along with third party investors, all of whom will invest on the same terms as Liberty, have agreed to purchase newly issued shares of Liberty Broadband Series C common stock (the "Series C Shares") at a per share price of $56.23, which was determined based upon the fair value of Liberty Broadband's net assets on a sum-of-the parts basis at the time the investment agreements were executed. In the aggregate, Liberty Broadband has entered into investment agreements with respect to $4.4 billion of its Series C Shares. Liberty's investment in Liberty Broadband is subject to customary closing conditions and funding will only occur upon the completion of the Charter-TWC merger. Liberty Broadband intends to seek stockholder approval for the issuance of the Series C Shares in accordance with the rules and requirements of the Nasdaq Stock Market. If, for any reason, Liberty Broadband does not receive the requisite stockholder approval for the issuance of the Series C Shares, the purchasers will instead acquire a limited number of Series C Shares, together with shares of a newly issued series of non-convertible preferred stock of Liberty Broadband. Further, Liberty Broadband has the right, and may determine, to incur debt financing (subject to certain conditions) to fund a portion of the purchase price for its investment in New Charter, in which case Liberty Broadband may reduce the aggregate subscription for Series C Shares by up to 25%, with such reduction applied pro rata to all investors, including Liberty.

Liberty and Liberty Broadband have also entered into an agreement with Charter which provides that Liberty and Liberty Broadband will exchange, in a tax-free transaction, the shares of TWC common stock held by each company for shares of New Charter Class A common stock (subject to certain limitations). In addition, Liberty has also agreed to grant Liberty Broadband a proxy over the shares of New Charter stock it receives in the exchange, along with a right of first refusal with respect to the underlying New Charter stock.

As the outcome of the transaction with Liberty Broadband and the Charter-TWC merger are uncertain due to pending stockholder and regulatory approvals, respectively, Liberty has not reflected any financial impacts in the condensed consolidated financial statements related to the respective agreements as of June 30, 2015.

See Exhibit 99.1 to this Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for unaudited attributed financial information for Liberty's tracking stock groups.